Random ramblings about my adventures into adulthood


How goes everything!  AS we speak I am half-assing a presentation for work tomorrow and a document I REAALLY need to send out that I am absurdly late on….ugh…

Trust me, those of you in school right now,  just take your time getting into this lame job market.

I hate that I am turning *gulp* 29 soon.  Too soon.  (No really).

I feel like I need to come up with a list of list of new year resolutions for my final countdown…OK so lets call it…”The Final Countdown:  Resolutions to Keep and Things to Do”  (queue music: Rocky movie’s champion song in background…)

Well, D-day is fast approaching on …in…a few days, I should come up with them soon….

Will write back shortly with more info…hopefully sober 😛



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