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Style Icon: Christine Centenera

Being in the midst of school summer finals, I’ve been inactive on the blog for the past week .  I’ve also been quite sleep deprived.  Between full time work and school, it feels like I’ve just been plowing through the days with my eyes half open.   It just feels like its never ever going to end.  If any of you readers are currently in school and are contemplating taking a break (and money/family aren’t an issue, DON’T!   Trust me, you’ll thank me when you don’t end up graduating half burnt out at age 32. And that’s if you end up going back, something easier said then done…

All this being said.  I finally came across something that has managed to make my little heart flutter again. Ladies and Gents, I have found my new fashion crush.  Her name is Christine Centenera.  I noticed her popping up on a lot of the street style blogs the sartorialist, Stockholmstreetstyle, trendycrew…) lately, and believe me she has one wicked sense of style.  Ok, so she’s a fashion magazine editor (Harper’s Bazaar Australia).  And ok, ok, ok, its unfair ‘cuz she clearly has a direct line to the world’s greatest fashion houses. Oh and to top it off, I think she’s just impossibly beautiful.  Luckilly, I’m too much in awe of her fashion sense to hate.  I can always use a few more fashion tips…

pics c/o http://www.trendycrew.com, http://www.intheircloset.com, stockholmstreetstyle.com and http://www.thesartorialist.com


One response

  1. she is the bomb. love her!!!
    xoxo. MissZuri….

    Self proclaimed fashion chameleon who refuses to let mommyhood take away her style!!! Comment&FoLLowHaute.MaMa.Z

    ****Just did an amazing post featuring Christine Centenera’s haute style!! ; )****

    August 12, 2010 at 4:38 pm

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